Originally named “MVII Magazine,” for its focus on the 7 (VII) mountains (M), or influences of cultural behaviors and trends; iCulture Magazine is the first publication of its kind. Structured for a Kingdom-minded generation, iCulture Mag is both an online and physical pocket-sized magazine that provides content to its readers that is relevant to and reflective… of their culture in this new millennium. Every article, photograph, feature, editorial/commentary, ad, and offer will reflect only the highest standards.


   We seek to iMPACT, iNFLUENCE, iGNiTE, &

iNSPiRE Culture~iCulture




As an upscale publication, iCulture Mag connects readers to their surroundings bringing into focus the issues that are of most concern to them. Throughout our pages or during your experience at iCultureMag.com it will feel like you are in the center of lifestyle and culture that is the foundation of most urban metropolitan cities around the world.

iCulture Magazine  seeks to perpetually educate, empower, encourage, enlarge, and enlighten a “Now” generation as well as generations to come.



 iLEE Community Outreach in Southwest Atlanta coming…January 17, 2015


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